B-Grade Renegade: Action roguelike is now FREE for Mac!

The earth is going to explode in 20 days!  Race across the country, in this procedurally generated top-down action game, scavenging cars that you find, and blasting enemies, and having to make strategic choices every day to make it to the rocket in time... and alive!


The game is FREE for all you Mac users out there!   

It runs great on a Macbook of any sort.  Low performance requirements!  Note that you'll want a mouse to play at full tilt.  :)


  • Procedural level generation. Every mission is different!
  • Choose your route across the country, going for the resources you need most to survive and progress!
  • Fire mayhem! Fire spreads across trees, caused by explosions. Drop gas puddles and light them to create your own traps, but don't get burnt!
  • Buy weapons and ammo from shops.
  • Grab a car for protection against the denizens of the wastelands. Cars let you travel twice as far down any given route!


  • WASD or Arrow Keys: Move & Drive
  • Click in the play area to shoot.
  • Click on weapon icons to change weapons.
  • Press R to Reload (or tap the Reload icon).
  • Press F to put Fuel in the car (or click Fuel icon or car Fuel gauge).
  • Press E to Eject from the car, or tap Eject button on left.


B-Grade Renegade (Mac v7468).zip 61 MB
Mar 16, 2018

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