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B-Grade Renegade: Race to the Rocket is currently in development. This is basically an in-progress version of the game, which is fully playable, but rough around the edges.

Can you reach the rocket in time to escape the Earth's last day?

Choose your route across the country in this roguelike action game!


I'd love love love to see people try to win the game on YouTube and Twitch. Maybe it's currently too hard? Or too easy? Let me know by writing in the discussion or commenting in your video playthroughs! Send me links to your videos in the discussion.

Hyperbolic App Description

Play as Foxy the mutated fox, running, driving and shooting her way across the country to reach the last evacuation rocket before the whole place blows.

Earn your place on the survivor's throne, travelling overland league after league to reach the rocket before this place goes nuclear!

Survive in this wasteland of post apocalyptic fall out. Go rogue like a fox.

Battle with your ego and your id as you quake and struggle with rage and a feeling of doom. Seek shelter from the fall out in vehicles you find in the wastes.

Embark on the rocket, and look to the sky to find a halo of hope.


  • Procedural level generation. Every mission is different!
  • Choose your route across the country, going for the resources you need most to survive and progress!
  • Fire mayhem! Fire spreads across trees, caused by explosions. Drop gas puddles and light them to create your own traps, but don't get burnt!
  • Buy weapons and ammo from shops.
  • Grab a car for protection against the denizens of the wastelands. Cars let you travel twice as far down any given route!


  • WASD or Arrow Keys: Move & Drive
  • Click in the play area to shoot.
  • Click on weapon icons to change weapons.
  • Press R to Reload (or tap the Reload icon).
  • Press Q to put Fuel in the car (or click Fuel icon or car Fuel gauge).
  • Press E to Eject from the car, or tap Eject button on left.

"This game is hard! Most players simply won't be good enough to reach the rocket in time. Because humans are rubbish." - Rock Confetti Bazooka

"The best game about mutated foxes this year!" - IDGAFN

I'd love to see your comments, feedback & suggestions, so drop me a line in the discussion boards if you have some! Enjoy!

- Your pal Murray


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $3.00 USD. You will get access to the following files:

B-Grade Renegade (Mac v6111).zip 40 MB
B-Grade Renegade (Mac v6023).zip 39 MB


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Working on finishing up the game for iOS now!  

So there's a big update coming for the Mac version soon!  

Note: I've set the price to $3 beginning now, in anticipation of the final version being out soon.  :D

I've got some new cars in the works! They're not in the game yet though. :)I'm really happy with how they're coming out, though!

I would LOVE to see if people can finish the game? I find that a successful run only takes about an hour or so.

Perhaps it is too easy??

Or is it too hard??

Hi! Murray Lorden here. I made this dread game. Keen to hear people's thoughts on the best and worst parts of the game! Fire away if you have opinions, feedback, suggestions. :)