Broken Signal - V1.1.4 is out!

v1.1.4 Improvements


  • I've done some snazzy optimisations (basically a LOD system) that means the game will run smoother, at a higher framerate.

The optimisations especially benefit the case where you are playing on Impossible mode, and the tower is very large, and my changes mean that only the nearby 3 or 4 floors above and below you are "active", with the higher and lower floors basically switched off, seeing as they are not relevant to gameplay anyway.

Previously, if you looked up, the game would slow down a lot because it was trying to draw the entire tower, even though 70% of it is not actually visible or relevant!

So my new changes should give better performance for everyone!  Runs smoother!  More responsive.  GOODER!

Other tweaks and fixes

  • New GAME ICON!
  • Fixed the "Blood Vignette" that indicates your health, so that it resizes properly to match whatever screen resolution you are playing at.


BrokenSignal-2020-06-24th-0000 (v1.1.4) 162 MB
Jun 26, 2020


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