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Jetpack & Overclock your way to the top of the radio tower and break the signal!

Unlock 3 difficulties:  Normal, Hard, Impossible!

Supports Keyboard & Mouse  /  Xbox 360 Controller.


Version:  v1.1.5:  Added InvertY option.  More aspect ratio support.

Version:  v1.1.4:  Optimisations for improved framerate!

Version:  v1.1.3:  Options (FOV, Look Sensitivity, Crosshair)

Version:  v1.1.2:  Tweaked AI

Version:  v1.1.1:  Controls Tips

Version:  v1.1.0:  Timer

Version:  v1.0.0:  Initial Release


Game Developed by Murray Lorden

You can follow me on Twitter @muzboz


Voices by Brendan Barnett  @Human_Brendan

Music by My name is Gus  http://soundcloud.com/mynameisgus/


Check out my Developer Videos here! 


Rated 2.6 out of 5 stars
(8 total ratings)
TagsFirst-Person, FPS, Roguelike, Sci-fi


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BrokenSignal-2020-03-08th-1000 (v1.0.0) 162 MB
BrokenSignal-2020-06-06th-2200 (v1.1.2) 162 MB
BrokenSignal-2020-06-11th-2000 (v1.1.3) 162 MB
BrokenSignal-2020-06-24th-0000 (v1.1.4) 162 MB
BrokenSignal-2020-11-02nd-2200 (v1.1.5) 162 MB

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Any chance of an invert-mouse option? I'm one of _those_ people...

Oh dang!  Why didn't I put an INVERT option in there!?  :)

I'll try to get on to that ASAP!

Yay! Thanks!


I've made a new version (1.1.5) with the "Invert Look Up/Down" option in the settings.  :D  Enjoy!



I don't expect the scope of the game is going to grow much but a couple of suggestions:

Speedrun mode- playing against a timer with your personal best tracked.

Score mode- earn points for kills and explosions, lose points for time used, personal best or high score list tracked.

Something to add some more replay incentive for whats already there.
Energy recharge feels rather slow, especially if you make a mistake and fall and have to wait between floors to climb again.

I also beat the three difficulties in a single run, so it's perhaps a little too easy.


Thanks Deepcut!

Can't believe you finished it first go thru each mode!  

Dang, you must be good!  Would love to see you at play in a video.  :)

I did add the TIMER to aid in speed-running, but it would be great to flesh it out more to store your best time for each difficulty, as you've said.

Your suggestions for a simple "Score Mode" there are also cool!  I'm copying all your comments into my doc of things to do/consider.  :D

I'd love to add more stat tracking, so I could have Achievements too, to give players interesting challenges and alternate "ways to play", such as:

  • Beat NORMAL mode in under 3 minutes.
  • Beat HARD mode without using any grenades.
  • Beat IMPOSSIBLE mode and kill everyone in the level.
  • Beat HARD mode but don't kill anyone!
  • etc.

Thanks again!  :D


What a dev! Cool looking game! I just got this in the racial justice bundle and now I definitely need to check this out given how considerate you are of not just racial justice, but the gaming community as well. I like how you added those ideas to a working doc to get them ready to be coded. 

Wow, A+!

Thanks!  I love to get feedback and suggestions!  :)

Hope you enjoy the game.  Feel free to throw any feedback here in a comment.  :D

Hey! Your game rocks! I hope you are having a great day and know how cool you are for making a game in the first place! 

Woah!  THANK YOU, that's so nice to hear.  :)

I actually LOVE playing the game myself, it has me on the EDGE of my SEAT!  :D


I'd love to see some more VIDEOS.

It's really fun watching people play, and I learn a lot from it about what to tweak!

If you like making gameplay videos, make a video of your first play thru, or beating a level, and post it here like crazy!

v1.1.3 is now out!  

  • Added Crosshair and made the aim of the gun more accurate.
  • Add OPTIONS screen, where you can adjust Field of View, Mouse/Controller Sensitivity, Crosshair on/off, etc.
  • Xbox Controller is now more fully supported (can navigate all menus fully with it).

Been doing a bunch of updates lately!  :D

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I'm keen to hear any feedback & suggestions! :D

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What are the controls? Is there a way to pick up a dropped weapon or reload your weapon?

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Hi!  There are now Controls Tips in the game in the latest update, making it super intuitive.  :)

You can also see the Controls listed in the Options screen from the main menu.   

If you're on Mouse & Keyboard, it's:

  • "SPACEBAR" -> Jetpack 
  • "F" -> toggle Slow Motion

The gun doesn't need to be reloaded, it's fully automatic for both ammo types.  Just keep an eye on your ammo counters (shown on the gun itself).

You cannot pick up the weapons that the enemies drop, although I could consider adding that in, so when you grab a weapon it gives you a bit more ammo.  :)