Getting Started

Tip: CLICK IN THE GAME WINDOW to get control of the game.  :)

Tip: Shoot some asteroids to find some resources!  Then you can begin trading with the various planets you will find.



  • Fly around using the ARROW KEYS.
  • Z and X are action buttons, and are shown onscreen based on context.

Note: You can also play the game with a generic gamepad (like a NES style controller, etc).

Note: Press CTRL+R if you want to Restart the game with a new universe.  It's different every time you play.



When you stop at a planet to trade, you will see 

  • red down arrows next to resources that are cheap (buy!)
  • green up arrows next to resources that are expensive (sell!)

These can help you to make trading decisions -> buy low, sell high.


What's next?

I'm building this in PICO-8 and really enjoying it!  It's a fun way to practice programming outside of my usual Unity + C# combination.  It's something I like to work on when I clock off from other projects.  I'll post updates as they come to hand.  

Here's some things I'm thinking of doing next...

  • There's currently no specific goal.  I'm thinking about something like...  Give the player a goal of making $1000, and once you reach that you can zap to another dimension, now with a higher goal of $3000, and it keeps increasing.  This could be a bit plain and repetitive, so I think what would be more fun is...
  • For each universe you go to, give 3 randomised missions for the player to do before they can go to the next dimension.  ie: The player could have a set of 3 objectives to complete, then they get to go to a new dimension.  You can achieve them in any order, and once one is ticked off, it's ticked off for good (so you don't need to maintain all three objectives at once).  eg: "Obtain 300 Agon", "Obtain $2000", and "Make sure planet Alephron has 500 Unergy". 


  • Draw spaceship as a triangle with facing direction.
  • Add shoot sound.
  • Respawn asteroids occasionally, so they don't run out.
  • Player should die if collide with asteroid.
  • Add background music.
  • Make sure sound fx are harmonious with the music.
  • Planets should build back up their money slowly.
  • Prices at planets should adjust a bit based on what you buy and sell from them.
  • Flying around should take a bit of Unergy, if you run out you fly slowly.
  • Ship could have limited cargo capacity.  Go to "space stations" to buy more cargo space.



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Nice one Murray!

Thanks buddy!  :)  

That's pretty cool!

Thanks!  :)  Just started playing with PICO-8.  

I've got some further ideas for tinkering away on this project, sorta as an "after hours" thing when not working on my other games.  :)

Need to put in a shooting sound, add some background music, and add in some actual goals.  


Yeah ... good stuff. It reminds me of the game 'Homeworld', where you fly around in space harvesting asteroids, fighting bad guys and building a fleet. Fun game play. Rock on!